Part-Time Work
Our students can work at the labs, academic or administrative departments of the university on a part-time basis in order to make use of their time effectively and to make contribution to the cost of their education.

The number of students to be employed part-time will be determined by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the University Board of Directors.

The relevant academic/administrative departments of the university inform the Registrar’s Office about the number of students and qualifications they need. The Registrar’s Office announces the vacant positions and necessary qualifications and accepts applications from the students. Application forms together with the academic records and course schedules of the students are submitted by the Registrar’s Office to the relevant academic/administrative departments.

Among all the applications, the academic/administrative departments shall select and rank the most suitable ones for the available jobs taking the following into consideration:

  • High GPA
  • Weekly course schedule
The names of the selected students are submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office submits the evaluation results received from the relevant academic/administrative departments to the approval of the Rectorate. The wages of the students working part-time at the campus will be paid per hour based on the minimum wage rate in return for the services they provide in or out of working hours.

Part-time working hours shall not exceed 15 hours per week.

Conditions for Part-Time Working:

Following students are not allowed to work part-time at the campus;
  • Foreign languages preparatory program students,
  • The students who are not registered to a faculty/vocational school as full time for the fall or spring semester
  • Foreign students,
  • Those exceeding the maximum time limit for their program