The Duration of Summer School
Summer school which is optional is 7 weeks excluding the exams. The total credit of the courses offered in summer school is the same with its equivalent offered in academic year. In English Preparatory Class, the class hours include 25 or 30 lessons per week according to the levels of the official students. The academic calendar is announced on our website.

The Fees for the Summer School
The summer school fees are determined by the board of trustees with the proposal of the board of directors of our university and it is announced on our website.

The students who study in our university without a scholarship and who receives a scholarship other than “university entrance scholarship” in the framework of the regulations of scholarships of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association must pay the full fee of the summer school if they want to take courses in summer school.

The Selection and Opening of the Courses
The undergraduate and graduate courses to be offered in summer school are determined by the Senate with the proposal of the related department, Institute or vocational high school and they are announced by the student affairs within 2 days following the announcement of the final exam grades of the spring semester.

Summer school courses are not offered to take place of the courses offered during the fall or spring semester. The must courses of associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs must be offered during the academic year and they must not be delayed for the summer school.

The minimal numbers of the students to offer a course in summer school are the following; at least 15 students for associate degree and undergraduate courses, and at least 3 students for graduate courses. However, with the proposal of the board of directors supported by a valid reason and with the decision of the board of directors, some of the already offered courses can be opened with at least 7 students for undergraduate and associate degree and at least 2 students for the graduate degree. A new group is not going to be opened unless the number of the students exceeds 40.

To Add Courses and to Withdraw from Courses during the Summer School
Registration process of the summer school is completed within the dates determined by the Senate. Students can take 4 courses at most on the condition that the total credit of the courses does not exceed 16.

Students can take the courses that he has failed before, and never taken before or he can take the course to improve his previous grade. The last grade that he receives is going to be valid.

There is not going to be add-drop or late registration period in the summer school. Only withdrawal process is applied in summer school. When it becomes certain that a course is offered in the summer school, the registration fee of the student who withdraws from the course is not paid back.

Attendance to the Courses
Attendance is obligatory in the summer school. Even if attendance requirement of a course has been fulfilled before, this condition does not change the requirement of the attendance to a course. Students have to attend 80% of the practical and laboratory courses and 70% of the theoretical courses. A student who does not fulfill the requirement of attendance fails the course and takes NA (Not Attended) grade.

The students of the flight training department of air transportation faculty must attend 100% of the both theoretical and flight training courses. The students who do not fulfill the stated attendance requirements even if they have valid and justified reasons approved by the Senate for not attending to the class or who cannot achieve the courses and applications cannot take the exam of that course at the end of the semester.

The conditions of students’ attending to the classes in the first paragraph are valid for the classes other than theoretical and practical flight training classes.