Minor Program” is the academic program that opens the doors for students attending an undergraduate program to have knowledge of a certain subject in the same or another faculty, or in a different department providing they have the necessary requirements.

Students can apply for the minor program at the earliest at the beginning of the 3rd semester of their undergraduate period and at the latest at the beginning of the 6th semester.

A minor program consists of at least 18 credits.

The requirements

  • In order to be able to apply for the minor program, students should have successfully taken all the courses required until that term.
  • Students’ GPA should be at least 65 out of 100 and 2.25 out of 4.00.
Application and Registration
The quotas of the minor programs are determined by the University’s Academic Senate and announced by the Directorate of Registrar’s Office at the beginning of each term at the recommendation of the related departments and faculties.

Applications for minor programs are made to the Directorate of the Registrar’s Office with the petition and transcripts by the date declared on the academic calendar.

Students’ applications to minor programs are accepted by the consent of the Administrative Board of the Faculty at the recommendation of the related department.

Students entitled to register for the minor program register for the courses on the dates declared. One cannot register for more than one minor program at the same time but they can register for a minor and double major at the same time.

The Minor Program Coordinator
By the head of the related department, the Minor Program Coordinator is assigned to name the courses in the program and plan the terms of those courses.

Tuition Fees
As long as the students are in their normal academic period (4 years), the courses they take as part of the minor program are free of charge. If they are beyond this period, the courses in the minor program are charged a fee that is determined by the Board of Trustees.

Academic Standing and Graduation
In order for a student to be able to graduate from a minor program, his/her GPA should be at least 60 out of 100 or 2.00 out of 4.00.

The certificate for the minor program does not replace a diploma and it is only awarded to the student providing s/he graduates from his/her major program.

The study period of the students that are entitled to graduate from the major program and do not complete the minor program yet can be extended at most by one additional academic term by order of the Administrative Board of the related Faculty.

The Administrative Board of the Faculty decides on how to judge the courses that are taken by the students leaving the program or the ones who drop out.

A student leaving the double major program can have the Certificate of Minor Program provided that s/he does what is required for a minor program.

Students can leave the program on their own accord. The students that drop out from a minor program cannot reregister for the same minor program.
Students whose GPA is under 60 out of 100 or 2.00 out of 4.00 will be expelled from the program.
Students that do not register for any courses for two terms in a row or that do not reregister will be expelled from the program.

The students of the Department of Pilotage in the Faculty of Air Transportation of UTAA can do a Minor in another undergraduate program but it is impossible for the students of the other undergraduate programs to do a Minor in Pilotage.