Mission Statement
Integrated Education is considered the best for students as its intention is to enhance the theory based education and experience that students gain during the study period. It improves their skills and allows them to practice what they learn in the lab and workshop. In addition it enables them to learn about responsibilities, work relationships, organization, the production process and about the new technologies in their future workplaces.

The Application for the Integrated Education
The acceptance certificate that students receive from the institutions that they applied to should be approved by the Integrated Education Commission of the Department.
The Official Workplace Letter for Integrated Education and documents in the attachments of the guidebook are given to students submitting the approved certificate to the related department.

Commencing the Integrated Education and Its Period

It is determined when to start the Integrated Education by the Integrated Education Commission of the Department. It primarily takes place during times when students are not being educated. Students who are going to graduate in a short time are an exception to this and can start their integrated education in any month after receiving approval from the Integrated Education Commission of the Department.

For students to be able to start their integrated education, they have to have gone to school for at least two-terms. The period for students in integrated Education to be able to graduate is 120 weekdays in total, each one is 40 weekdays.

Students who want to leave the faculty with an associate’s degree are obliged to complete 2/3 of the obligatory period for the Integrated Education determined by the Department.

Student taking summer school courses are not allowed to have their Integrated Education during that period. If the periods of the Integrated Education and the summer school conflict, this period should not be more than 3 weekdays.
The public holidays are not included in the period of Integrated Education. If there is no work on the days of Saturday and Sunday, the student can go on with his/her Integrated Education on the condition that it is documented.

Compulsory Attendance to Integrated Education

Students under the obligation of Integrated Education are not allowed to graduate unless they have completed all of its requirements. Attendance is compulsory to Integrated Education and it must be completed uninterruptedly in the assigned time period. The days that should be made up for must have the following excuses:
  • The 5-days official sick report stating whether the student can or cannot go on with the Integrated Education
  • The absence of 3 weekdays at most because of an excuse that is not an illness and appropriate for the workplace Integrated Education Responsibilities
  • The student absent for 15 days is granted as s/he never starts the Integrated Education.
  • In the period of Integrated Education, if a student is absent from the training for 15 days at most because of the situations such as sickness or losing a relative etc., the student have to make up for these missing days after the end of the normal period of education by the consent of the workplace. Otherwise, it is a must to retake the Integrated Education the following years again.
Monitoring the Integrated Education and Evaluation
The members of the commission of Integrated Education can do the necessary monitoring in order Integrated Education to be run appropriately and relevantly or make the students be monitored by communicating with the enterprise where the Integrated Education takes place.

Integrated Educations are evaluated in a month at most by a group of instructors assigned by the Integrated Education Commission of the Department. This evaluation can be done by studying the reports of Integrated Education or by oral examination.

The results are named “SUCCESSFUL/ UNSUCCESSFUL”. For the ones that are rejected, a report is prepared and attached to the evaluation file and the student retakes the education.

With the consent of the Integrated Education Commission of the Department, the students failing in the integrated education or lacking some part of it though they are at the end of the 8th term can take it at the 9th term and later on by keeping in mind that they have to attend other courses.

The situations of ones who complete their education with a success are declared to the Directorate of Registrar’s Office by the related faculty.

All the documents related to Integrated Education are submitted to the Department in order to be kept in the archive of the Department after the evaluation meeting. Those reports are kept in the archive for 3 years after the student’s leaving.

For detailed information, click on the Instructions for the Integrated Education in the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association.