For each course, one of the following letters is given to the students as the final grade. The letter grades, coefficients of the letter grades, and equivalents of these letter grades in terms of 100 are shown below:
Coefficient 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.00
Score Interval 90-100 85-89 80-84 70-79 60-69 50-59 45-49 0-44
Additional letter grades include:

Grade EX: This is given to students who are accepted for the undergraduate and associate degree programs and are exempt from the English language proficiency test that is given for preparatory class placement.

Grade I: This is given by the instructor to students who are not able to meet all the course requirements due to either illness or other valid reasons despite having been successful during the term. Students who have received a letter grade “I” must complete their missing course requirements and receive a grade within 15 days after grades have been announced by the Registrar’s Office. Otherwise, a grade “I” will automatically become “FF”. However, in the event of prolonged illness or other such problems, this period can be extended until the beginning of registration for the next semester, upon the recommendation of the instructor and admission of the related Head of the Department and approval of the Faculty /School Administrative Board.

Grade NA: Students have to attend 70% of theoretical courses and 80% of practical training. A grade of NA is given to students who fail because of not fulfilling the obligations of attendance and the course requirements. The weighted coefficient of an NA grade is zero and it can be considered as (FF) grade in the grade average. • Grade P: It is given to students who continue to attend courses that don’t take place in the grade average.

Grade S: It is given in the following situations;

  • For the courses that aren’t included in terms of the grade point average but that students successfully complete,
  • For the courses that are recognized as equivalent and taken from higher education institutions outside the university where the student is registered and exempted
  • For courses taken within the framework of exchange programs such as Erasmus and Farabi and that are recognized as equivalent and successfully completed.
Grade U: is given to students who aren’t successful in courses that are not included in the GPA.

Grade W: is given to the students who are allowed to withdraw from a course after the add/ drop period (within the first 7 weeks of the semester), upon the recommendation of his/ her advisor and the approval of the related instructor.

A student is not allowed to withdraw from courses during the first two semesters of his/ her enrollment. A student cannot withdraw from courses that s/he previously failed and is repeating. A student is allowed to withdraw from 2 courses at most, during his/her undergraduate study and one course, at most, in any semester. When a student withdraws from a course, s/he must retake it as soon as it is possible in any semester.