Final overall grades are determined with the semester academic grade point average (GPA-Grade Point Average) and overall academic grade point average (CGPA-Cumulative Grade Point Average) .The weighted score of a course is obtained by multiplying the credit of the course with the coefficient of the grade that is taken.

Semester Grade Point Average (GPA-Grade Point Average)
The total credits of a student per course are obtained by the credit-hour of that lesson multiplied by the coefficient point of that course. In order to calculate the grade point average of one term, the total credits of the courses are divided by the total value of the credits taken. The average obtained is shown with two digits after the comma

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA-Cumulative Grade Point Average)
The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) – an average of the grades of all of the courses the student has taken from the first registration to the university divided by the total number of credits taken. While calculating, the average obtained is shown with two digits after the comma. Minor and double major semester courses are not included in the academic grade point average.