Academic Year (School Year)
An academic year consists of two semesters including fourteen weeks. Final examinations are not included to these periods.

Course registrations, add/ drop and late registration
Students must renew their registration at the beginning of each semester and in the periods signified in academic calendar by paying their tuition fees and having their counselors approve their registration. Students are responsible from all the re-registration processes and they are supposed to do their registrations by themselves.
Students who do not register on the declared dates because of their excuses, can register late in add-drop period on condition that their excuses are accepted by the related directorate, but students in that condition must pay additional late registration fee with their tuition fees. Students who do not re-register in that period can reregister at the beginning of the next semester for only once. Otherwise, they completely lose their student rights. Time students lose in the semester when they do not register is as good as from the education period.

Students cannot attend the courses to which they haven’t duly registered, and they are not allowed to enter the examinations of these courses; points of the students who enter the courses they have not registered are cancelled.

Course Load
The course load students take in each semester are signified in the program in which students receive education.
The semester course load of the students who have 2.00 or more cumulative general point average can be increased as adding 6 credits more with the approval of the counselor on condition that there is no collision in the schedule. Credits of the courses taken within double major and sub- branch programs are not included in the course load of semester.

Students must primarily register to the low grade courses they failed, or they did not take. The course or courses opened from the next semester program can be taken provided that they are in the credit limits.

Prerequisite Course
The course which must be achieved by being taken before another in order that a lesson can be taken is called prerequisite Course. Which courses have prerequisite will be shown in the schedules webified on the website.

Attendance to Courses

Students must attend 70% of the theoretic courses and 80% of the application courses. Otherwise, they are considered as unachieved from the related course.
Attending to courses and application is obligatory in Flight training department. The principals to attend are determined by faculty directorate. Students who do not fulfill the attendance clause determined by senate or /and the ones who fail the applications cannot enter final exam of that course.
In prep- class program attending 90% of the courses is obligatory. Students who exceed the 10% attendance limit cannot attend the rest of the program and take the preliminary exam at the end.

Course repetition
Courses from which FF, NA, W, or U points are got, or the ones that are not taken in the normal period are repeated in the first semester they open. In case of collision, one of the courses is not taken.

Students who want to increase the general academic average can repeat the courses they took before with the approval of their counselors on the condition that they do not exceed the course load limits. Within this scope, the last point got from the repeated course is included in the average.